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Twinks jocks Blake Stone and Tyler Morgan fuck in locker room

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In a wet locker room, around late afternoon, Blake Stone returns from track practice. Tyler Morgan is already there, relaxing after his shower. Blake’s seen Tyler out on the field before, and of course noticed his sexy body. Now they’re alone together, sweating, smiling, and exchanging sexual energy. Blake’s towel ‘accidentally’ falls off and Tyler laughs, but also becomes very erect. After a seductive dance of expressions, Tyler comes to a conclusion to make a move. That guy starts caressing Blake’s wet, oily body. Blake tries several times to land a kiss, but Tyler teases, moving in and out of lip reach, eluding Blake’s advances. But then their hardening cocks touch from below their athlete straps. And that’s when Tyler can no longer tease. They kiss unfathomable and passionately, with lots of tongue. Then Blake goes down and takes Tyler’s dick in his throat. he sucks excitedly while Tyler enjoys the incredible feeling. Tyler bows Blake over a bench and plunges his tongue into Blake’s pleasing butt. After a while, that guy slides his cock inside and copulates Blake rigid but with care too. Blake lays down after taking the fine slamming, and licks Tyler’s aperture. Tyler has a surprise for Blake in his locker. It’s a huge dildo, just the right size for a ride. Tyler takes it for a go during the time that Blake slurps a little more on Tyler’s strapon. Join those amazing, sexy gay twink chaps as they steam up the locker room like u won’t believe.

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Hot muscled guy Cody Cummings thick cock jack off

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During the time that Cody Cummings bones up on some reading by the pool, the urge overtakes him to ditch the book and loosen up a little. Unfastening his fly, he runs his hands down his sun kissed chest and proceeds down his side, slipping his board shorts down his feet until they fall off and this guy is naked as a jaybird, save for his shades. Letting the warmth of the poolside side sun warm him to his core, he moves inside to receive down to business with a little greater amount privacy. Leaning against the door jamb, Cody’s breathing picks up as that guy rubs and beats himself, his dick now fully rigid and willing to burst. Trying to keep it from gushing, Cody rubs his bosom and his abs, his dick pulsating in the window light, until he cannot hold it back any longer, so this guy lays back on the couch and fires his load all over himself in exasperated contentment.

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Eddy Roman and Hayden Richards extra big dicks fuck

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Hayden Richards is back with Extra Big Dicks for one more go round, but he’s rather pre-occupied playing video games right now. 1st timer Eddy Roman is marvelous sure he’s got smth Hayden would be more interested in, if solely he could figure out a way to acquire Hayden’s attention. Refusing to be ignored, Eddy unzips Hayden’s fly and pulls out his 8.5? cock to start sucking on it. Taking the head into his mouth, Eddy flicks his tongue up and down the shaft and then takes the whole thing deep into the back of his mouth. Hayden’s eyes roll back into his head and it is obvious that guy won’t be able to concentrate on what he’s doing, so that guy relents, and puts down the controller to focus on Eddy. And since Eddy was so insistent on getting his undivided attention, Hayden makes sure this guy receives it in full, pushing his dick down Eddy’s throat and then plunging his it deep into Eddy’s booty. Eddy grinds and bounces as that guy rides Hayden, before Hayden throws him face 1st onto the bed and starts pumping him from behind as Eddy implores for him to do it harder. Eddy strokes his dick as Hayden keeps pounding, until his load comes flying out all over him, just as Hayden pulls out and drenches his face with a load of his own.

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Juicy men Nicolas Potvin And Ben Rose hot fuck

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We were shooting out a friend’s isolated place in the country an hour north of Montreal when Nicolas Potvin and Ben Rose arrived for their discharge. The boyz had met in the past but hadn’t seen one one more in a during the time that. We were shooting other scenes as well that day, so as Ben mentioned in the opening comments, hawt lads were hang out all over the place. The owners, in particular, were gorgeous impressed with Ben, and this guy didn’t mind the attention at all. The boyz went down by the pond and wrestled around a bit in advance of plunging into the water. It was late June, but summer had been glamorous iffy up until that point and the water was a bit chilly. So the guys decided to heat things up nice-looking quickly on the dock. Nicolas is still quite fresh at doing porn but this guy loves getting his cock sucked. The thought of it acquires him going and our seasoned performer Ben was greater quantity than willing to oblige to acquire things going. Shooting in the country in June was particularly challenging for the lads this year coz of all the rain we’ve had. The mosquitoes were nice-looking feisty, and everywhere and they preyed on the lads and the crew leaving their marks by the dozen in the process. After the initial cock work that Ben gave Nicolas, he then proceeded to eat out his butt. Ben is always hot for some booty and this time was no exception. whilst Nicolas our str8 guy is still getting used to having sex with a dude, that guy takes things one step further each time we discharge. And this time, that guy was up to giving Ben a decent anal drilling after having received his own tonguing up the hole. This licking was a worthwhile warm up to Nicolas’ butt fucking that followed. After a bit of cock play, Nic plunged in to his partner’s saliva-lubed up hole. Ben is taller than his scene partner, so this made for some pretty funny situations as Nicolas had to acquire on his tiptoes at times to plunge deep inside. So, the lads went for a reverse cowboy position to make it easier on one as well as the other of them. during the time that Ben was riding Nicolas, as you can hear, a frog started croaking in sync with Ben’s cock-riding rhythm. At 1st we were puzzled, but we all quickly burst out laughing when we figured out where the sound was coming from. After a brief pause, Ben got back into the thick of things. The boys changed position allowing Nic to acquire on his knees, while Ben went on his back. After a couple of minutes getting drilled Ben unleashed a huge load all over his abdomen. Nic then kept topping his buddy, intensifying his own pace until he pulled out and shot his own cum all over Ben, mixing his load with the puddles of jism that Ben had spewed all over himself. Spent, now was a good time for the boys to head inside and escape the aggressive blood-sucking bugs!!

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