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Men of Montreal Marko Lebeau, Ivan Lenko and Alec Leduc gang bang Felix Brazeau

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Hot men Marko Lebeau, Felix Brazeau, Ivan Lenko and Alec Leduc headed off for an overnight stay in a rented cottage 90 minutes east of the town for fellows of Montreal’s 1st gang group sex discharge. these four boyz are friends outdoors of filming, so it wasn’t surprising that they would have a blast together and they would deliver a hot scene! One thing we knew heading out of Montreal was that one guy would be the pleased bottom for the 3 others. We just didn’t know at that point who would be the victim. Even Ivan Lenko was willing to give up his cherry if he was to lose the card game that would decide the bottom. Ivan doesn’t know much about poker, so it wouldn’t have surprised anybody if he had lost In fact, several of us were hoping he would lose. Alas, it was the almost any experienced poker player of the bunch that indeed lost the hand. That was Felix Brazeau! We all know how much Felix loves to bottom so this wasn’t such a bad thing. But little did we know just how far Felix was ready to go. Felix was really willing to get double-dicked. When we asked him if that guy was down for it, this guy acquiesced. Always count on Felix to take things one step further! As awkward as it was at times, this guy did it and enjoyed it! The scene started in the hot tub the morning after the guys’ evening of crazy antics, card games and table football! Things got going with the four relaxing in the outdoor hawt tub with the sun beaming down. while the skies were blue and the surroundings beautiful, it was a bone chilling -25. So, things moved inside quickly, as one chap after the other made his way back in the cottage with a boner in hand. 1st Marko and Felix got going, then Ivan joined in. Filing in last was Alec. this guy eventually got fucked by Marko as this guy was inside Felix in a little gravy train action. Then the long-awaited moment arrived. After Alec lay on his back and Felix sat on his cock, Marko came in from underneath to poke his cock in Felix’s already cock-filled aperture. For a first double penetration, Felix look like he was doing beautiful wonderful. At times he had a look of bliss on his face, but at other times he would wince in pang. In any event, this guy was a real trooper and the boyz had a great time. Marko and Ivan were the first to shoot on Felix’s face and chest, doing so in sync. Then Alec pulled out of Felix’s aperture and shot a huge wad over Ivan’s load on our bottom’s bosom and some mixed with Marko’s on Felix’s face. Felix even took a few dribbles in his mouth. After the three were done, Felix dropped his own load.

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Muscular gays Ryan Rose and Ray Han hot fuck in a poolside

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Poolside Ryan Rose is soaking in the sun working on his tan. Sweat pools in the contours of his hard, rippled physique. impressive Ray Han sets aside his shades, peels off his swimsuit and immerses himself into the inviting pool. The sight of Ray’s buns disappearing into the water stirs Ryan’s cock to attention. Ryan receives up and walks himself into the poolside. Descending the steps, his skimpy orange trunks give a provocative view of the crack of his tight arse. Ryan’s growing erection meets Ray’s swallow underwater, and Ray sucks on Ryan’s shaft. Ray comes up for air, and Ryan grabs hold of Ray’s butt and spreads ’em feeling for an entry point. Seeking more secure footing on land, Ryan face-fucks Ray, who gives Ryan’s nuts a thorough tongue-laundering in advance of surrendering the arse that lured Ryan’s attention in the first place. After an intense erotic sex Ray ends up on his back. Just in advance of that guy cums, this guy curls his abdomen into a semicircle so that that guy dick is aimed inches from his mouth. Ryan pulls out a shower Ray’s torso and face with cum.

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Muscular gays James Jamesson and Anthony Romero in Medicinal Cock

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Poor Anthony Romero is still recovering from a pulled leg muscle. It’s a precious thing his physical therapist, James Jamesson, is willing to make him feel more good by pulling on another one of Anthony’s muscles! As Dr. Jamesson inspects the injured area, Anthony grows concupiscent. James is probably the hottest doctor Anthony’s ever seen. During their last checkup, it appeared to be to Anthony that James was a bit greater amount touchy than would have been necessary. Anthony decided then that at the next visit, he’d tell James how attractive that guy finds him. So this time he said him. The outcum couldn’t have been better! From James’s reaction, Anthony felt like it was the right moment to make an even bolder move: that guy grabbed the back of Dr. Jamesson’s neck and planted a passionate kiss. without hesitation, James grabbed Anthony’s already naked dick and began wanking. Soon, one as well as the other fellows were naked, enjoying every other. James let Anthony lay down with his head all the way back, and inserted his heavy cock into Anthony’s throat. It felt so warm and soft around James’s meat. Then they moved into a 69 position where James licked Anthony’s beautifully tight aperture and Anthony slurped James’s dick on the other side. Then James took his patient down from the table and worked his swollen dong into Anthony’s hungry ass. watch this good doctor pound Anthony’s pleasant bottom in a manner you’d await from medical professional.

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Sean Christian and Bobby Hart hot gays fuck

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Bobby Hart is back for greater quantity and we decided to let him loose on Sean Christian who is a rookie in this industry. Bobby treats his virgins with ultimate care in the beginning but once they bottom out on that dick Bobby knows it’s time to pick up the pace and go unfathomable and hard. The newbie couldn’t receive enough of that huge cock so he rode it, bent over for it and sucked the cum out of that sexy dick. This scene has its intensive moments as well, plus some slow moving passionate hotness that will make u fantasy of Bobby’s arms wrapped tightly around you.

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Muscular hairy hunk Riddick Stone fucks young boy Shane Hicks

Riddick Stone fucks Shane Hicks

Shane Hicks is juvenile boy, all he wishes is a boyfriend. Riddick Stone, a hairy hunk who owns a gym around the corner happen to be passing by the immodest back alley and caught sight of poor Shane, shivering and looking glum. Riddick approaches Shane, sluggishly. He doesn’t want to frighten the vulnerable young chap. Riddick is met with a wry grin from Shane. That guy can tell by the look in Shane’s eye that he’s lost and scared. But he wants cock, bad. Riddick doesn’t mince words. He wants to help but doesn’t desire to be caught in public feeding his big dick to this boy on the street. Shane pulls out Riddick’s robust strapon and devours it. The palpitating cock in his swallow makes him forget his troubles at home. in a short time they’re both exposed in the alleyway. After sucking him, Shane then has a smack of Riddick’s hole. A dingy old mattress provides a little comfort for ’em the one and the other as Shane sits on top of Riddick and takes his dick for a wild ride. Watch this muscular hunk do a number on this sweet, lost, scared gay boy.

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