Beautiful boys from Montreal Felix Brazeau and Gabriel Clark

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A couple of weeks ago, when we said Gabriel Clark that that guy would be shooting next with Felix Brazeau, his eyes lit up. That guy was avid to have a go at Felix’s hole and big dick. This guy was so sexually excited that, in fact, Gabriel is the boy who cooked up the idea of having an oily mess for this scene. The thought of the two lubed up bodies rubbing up against each other, sliding back and forth in consummate sync was getting the better of his imagination. As for Felix, well, after his gangbang double penetration a couple of weeks ago, getting ‘clarked’ by the infamous power top was smth that guy looked forward to. The 2 boyz had met several times in advance of in our offices, so it was finally time for them to go from cock tease innuendos to actually fucking and sucking. Gabriel was setting up the vinyl sheet when Felix shoved his nose in the window and figured it was time to invade Gabriel’s quiet preparation. Seconds later, Felix left the winter cold behind, knocked and entered as the two quickly locked lips. whilst Gabriel went to get the massage oil, Felix undressed down to nothing, laid down on the sheet and started jacking off his 8.5 inch cock. This was a matchup of 8.5 inch uncut French Canadian meat. Gabriel arrived with the oil in hand and with a boner stretching the fabric of his taut briefs. After some talented cock engulfing act from Felix, Gabriel faced drilled his buddy and unfathomable throated him. Then the oil started making its way into the scene and the lads applied abundant amounts of it on each other. The action then moved to the floor as Gabriel sank his lips around Felix’s cock and greater quantity oil was poured on those hot bodies. This led to a fair amount of body and dick worshiping as the almond flavored oil mixed with every guy’s personal body scent to create a savory elixir. When Felix shifted into a face down lying position Gabriel used his whole body to massage Felix’s back, during the time that his bone stiff dick was moving up and down his prey’s booty crack. Then Gabriel ate Felix’s gap out to the sounds of loud groans and groans. While he was straddling his bottom’s booty cheeks, Gabriel sank his dick into Felix’s awaiting gap. Gabriel kept rubbing and massaging his partner’s back and shoulders while fucking him firmly. Then the boys moved into a spooning position. The web site of Gabriel’s stiff dick moving in and out of his partner’s greedy gap was glorious as Felix was jacking his own dick off. When Gabriel pulled out to discharge his load all over Felix’s hand, cock and balls, Felix was definitely impressed when Gabriel’s first jet discharged all the way up to his shoulder. Gabriel went down on Felix’s dick and ate his own cum as he sucked Felix into mens orgasm mode. Felix discharged his load into Gabriel waiting swallow and, being the real cum slut that that guy is, Gabriel then mixed Felix’s goo with his own in his mouth. That guy then reached up and French kissed his partner as they swapped cum loads.

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