Dylan Knight and Damien B gay guys fuck

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Dylan Knight sluggishly rubs his stomach as that guy lay back on his bed, lifting his shirt to expose his trunk as he runs his hands down his body, playing with the hairs on his belly as he surveys the room. Damien sits on the other side of the room, reclined on a red effortless chair, his feet widen as that guy works his hands down into his pants, his eyes fixed on Dylan as his urges grow. Dylan makes his way across the room, and the boyz are united on the chair, as Damien kisses Dylan’s neck and then works his way down Dylan’s body, pulling out his dick and working it with his tongue, as Dylan fantasizes about what he’ll do once he gets Damien’s shorts off. Minutes later, dream becomes reality, as Dylan, fully hard, switches places with Damien and sucks him off, before flipping him over and spreading his butt wide open for a worthy tonguing. Damien closes his eyes and enjoys it as Dylan moistens him up for the plunge, finally relenting, but merely long enough to replace his tongue with his firm dick. Sliding it in, Dylan pumps back and forth, as Damien grips the armrest of the chair, trying to brace himself against the ecstatic pressure of Damien’s thrusts. Moving over to his side, Damien strokes his cock as Dylan thrusts back and forth, and the rhythmic smashing sends Damien off the deeply end, causing him to explode his load all over himself and the chair, as Dylan pulls out and then blasts him with a super nut of his own.

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