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Hayden Richards is back with Extra Big Dicks for one more go round, but he’s rather pre-occupied playing video games right now. 1st timer Eddy Roman is marvelous sure he’s got smth Hayden would be more interested in, if solely he could figure out a way to acquire Hayden’s attention. Refusing to be ignored, Eddy unzips Hayden’s fly and pulls out his 8.5? cock to start sucking on it. Taking the head into his mouth, Eddy flicks his tongue up and down the shaft and then takes the whole thing deep into the back of his mouth. Hayden’s eyes roll back into his head and it is obvious that guy won’t be able to concentrate on what he’s doing, so that guy relents, and puts down the controller to focus on Eddy. And since Eddy was so insistent on getting his undivided attention, Hayden makes sure this guy receives it in full, pushing his dick down Eddy’s throat and then plunging his it deep into Eddy’s booty. Eddy grinds and bounces as that guy rides Hayden, before Hayden throws him face 1st onto the bed and starts pumping him from behind as Eddy implores for him to do it harder. Eddy strokes his dick as Hayden keeps pounding, until his load comes flying out all over him, just as Hayden pulls out and drenches his face with a load of his own.

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