ExtraBigDicks Thirsty For It Valentin Petrov and Patrick Ridge

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Valentin Petrov has just made the sale of his life and is extremely ecstatic over it and can hardly contain himself. He has a big chunk of money coming his way once all the paperwork is done and said. He starts calling some friends to let them know about his success and a party that he will have to celebrate the sale. Fired up and swinging around in his office chair he suddenly sees his ex-boyfriend standing at the door and his smile has turned into a frown. Valentin is really upset as he is trying to figure out what Patrick Ridge is doing in his office. Patrick wants that big sexy uncut cock but Valentin does not want to give it up yet but considering he just finalized the sale he decides on a quick fuck. Patrick gets down on his knees and pulls the massive dick out and begins to worship every inch of the thick tasty cock. Patrick looks up into Valentin eyes with a mouthful hoping that he can seduce him back into the relationship but before long Valentin flips Patrick over on the desk and starts to fuck him. Valentin does not want anything to do with Patrick so he gives him one last vigorous deep pounding. Patrick is spread wide so wide that he can not hold his hot load anymore and cums all over himself as Valentin pumps deep into him and once he sees all that cum he pulls out and unleashes his creamy load.

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