Falcon gays Bobby Clark fucks Dylan Knight

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When Dylan Knight, crisply attired in white shirt, black slacks and a bowtie, delivers Bobby Clark’s cocktail, he’s caught off-guard by Bobby’s penetrating stare and the obvious fact that Bobby is hard and wishes Dylan to know it. Fully in control, Bobby knows that Dylan will do soever he wants and Bobby always receives what he craves. Knowing resistance is futile, Dylan kneels to surrender to Bobby’s fleshly demands. Bobby’s head is buzzed and his chest unwaxed. There’s an erotic power edge to a hot guy, naked, getting sucked off by a cute juvenile boy in a suit shirt and bowtie. Bobby steps away, jacking off during the time that Dylan removes the rest of his garments. He has a toned torso with scattered black hair. Bobby sucks him in large gulps. Dylan’s hooded cock is thick as Bobby’s wrist, with huge balls. His precum oozes onto the furniture as Bobby enjoys his appealing prize: eating Bobby’s arse previous to getting screwed. It’s doggy position 1st then in a sit-fuck with Dylan slamming his hole onto Bobby’s boner and his own huge meat and balls thrashing wildly about. Dylan’s cum discharged is amazing, a long-distance split-stream spurt that strikes them both in the face. Bobby responds by blasting Dylan’s torso with cum.

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