FalconStudios Tahoe – Keep Me Warm Ricky Decker and Jason Maddox

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When Ricky Decker borrows thermal underwear from Jason Maddox, Jason insists that Ricky ditch the tighty whities and go commando. The thermals are ultra-snug, clinging provocatively to Ricky’s tree-trunk thighs and high, plump ass. Jason can not tear his eyes away, then he can not tear his hands away. That’s just fine with Ricky, who guides Jason’s exploration of his muscular body, encouraging him to use his mouth as well as his hands. Soon the pants are back off and Ricky is getting a deep blow job. Ricky’s hairy buns are next on Jason’s sexual agenda. They get a deep rimming, then Jason is ready to lodge his pole in Ricky’s hole. Just when you think it’s going to happen, Ricky turns around and sucks Jason. Jason has a smooth, broad chest and low-hanging balls that Ricky tugs and squeezes while he sucks. Then the fucking commences, with Jason finally claiming Ricky’s hole. Four breathless positions later, they spurt simultaneous loads of hot cum onto Ricky’s abs.

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