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Dawn finds Ryan Rose and Lance Luciano asleep in each other’s arms in a tangle of snow-white sheets. They awake overcome with craving for each other’s flawless, smooth and muscular bodies. After a wake-up kiss, Ryan uses his swallow to attend to Lance’s morning wood. during the time that basking in the attention to his dick and balls, Lance massages Ryan’s nuts and gap. They swivel head-to-toe so they can the one and the other suck and be sucked. Ryan is on the bottom and when that guy cranes his neck to swallow Lance’s cock, his nose presses against Lance’s balls until they seem to move on their own. moreover his nice looks and gymnast’s body, Lance is blessed with a fat cock, which he uses to make Ryan’s day. Grabbing a nipple in one hand and thrusting his tongue in the nearest ear, Lance has Ryan at his lenience. Their fucking makes the mattress rock. They flip over to missionary position, swapping roles at the same time so that now it’s Ryan who plunders Lance’s hole. Ryan breaks out into an all-over sweat. he grinds his cock into Lance at each angle until they both erupt in a blizzard of white sperm across Lance’s body.

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