Hairy chested gays Connor Maguire and Donnie Dean

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Falcon studio movie Buck County 1 Into The Wild with hot gays Connor Maguire and Donnie Dean sexy fuck.

Hot guy Connor is feeling frisky, so this guy finds a quiet place in the barn to jerk off. His body is rigid and firm, and this guy has a sprinkling of reddish hair across his pecs and down his tummy that lead to his super rigid cock. There’s an old truck in the barn, and sexy Donnie is snoozing in the front seat. that guy wakes up when that guy hears Connor and this guy emerges from his nap willing to suck. Donnie’s hard-bodied enthusiasm is infectious. It’s a tossup which is hotter his throat or his gap and fortunate Connor doesn’t have to make up his mind because that guy gets them the one and the other. After getting his dick sucked, Connor delivers an expert rim job to Donnie’s hairy aperture while he’s laying back, legs widen on the hood of an old pickup. After its primed and ready Connor goes to down on Donnie’s aperture with his cock, ramming his butt over the fender of the truck and on a tractor. Gratified by the intensive pounding, Donnie squeezes and jerks his dick spunk squirts out, coating the hairs on his chest. Connor’s major load quickly follows.

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