Hot gays Jaxson Colt and Jett Ryan fuck with anal toys

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Gay studio Next Door Buddies fresh clip Co-Jack with Jett Ryan and Jaxson Colt play with sex toys.

Jett has a entire host of objects he’d like to try out on Jaxson’s pink little hole. Dildos, anal beads, you name it.. Jett’s got it and he wants to use it. Jaxson is not opposed to any of this, provided Jett lets Jaxson have a little taste of cock each now and once more. Jaxson drops down, kissing Jett all down his body, removing his shorts, and then plunging his lips around Jett’s shaft, tickling the head with his tongue as that guy wiggles his ass in front of Jett. Jett is about to lose his nut, so he resolves to flip the script, and sets Jaxson on his knees with his booty in the air, then Jett lubes up a finger and sluggishly slips it in. Jaxson pushes back on it and Jett slips in to the 3rd knuckle, before pulling out and lubing up the anal beads on the table. Popping them in one by one, Jett can see the look of ecstacy on Jaxson’s face, and Jett makes a decision to move on to the massive fake penis that Jaxson has been eying from the begin. that guy pushes it up inside of Jaxson, who flogs his rock hard dick as Jett pumps him from behind, and Jaxson loses his load in a frenetic explosion, before Jett finishes up and does the same.

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