Hot guys Gabriel Cross and Rex Raw rough fuck

hot guys fuck

When Rex Raw and Gabriel Cross receive together, there’s solely one way they like to play, and that’s hard. Gabriel is not into being coaxed, enticed or led gently by the hand that guy desires to be taken, and taken forcefully or it’s no fine to him. Luckily that’s just how Rex can’t live without it. Don’t let his soft spoken demeanor fool u into thinking he’s some doe eyed wall flower. Rex may speak softly, but that guy carries a huge stick, as Gabriel is about to find. Rex shoves his cock deeply down Gabriel’s throat, choking him with that Italian sausage until Gabriel gags and entreats for air. Rex then bends him over a table, fucking out of concern or regard as Gabriel clenches the side of the table, loving each minute of it. Gabriel flips over and Rex pounds him from the front, previous to sliding underneath Gabriel and letting him bounce up and down on Rex’s cock, flinging his load all over Rex’s chest as Rex proceeds to smash away, previous to this guy dumps his own thick load all over Gabriel’s waiting face.

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