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Let Damien West awaken your curiosity and arouse your senses, as this buff Miami chap begins his day the right way. We discover him in sofa and asleep on his stomach, his booty in the air and his arms outstretched. not fast this guy wipes away the sleep from his eyes and heads outside, where this guy walks the grounds and finds the poolside. It’s inviting waters beckon him and the cool waters wake him up. Heading back inside, he feels a morning urge and makes a decision to stretch out on the couch before starting his day in earnest. His dick already inflexible and eager, Damien unzips his pants and pulls off his underwear, exciting his dick with one as well as the other hands and showing it off. Lightly, he brushes his fingers across the shimmering head in advance of grabbing at the base and starting to work it back and forth. Flipping over from his back to his knees, this guy pushes his cock back betwixt his feet and proceeds to flog, previous to flipping back over and spreading his legs supplementary wide to finish himself off, previous to cleaning up and seeing what the day has in store.

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