HotHouse Cruising For Ass hot studs Marko Carbo and Colton Grey

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Colton GreyMarko CarboHot House Marko Carbo and Colton Grey 1Hot House Marko Carbo and Colton Grey 2Hot House Marko Carbo and Colton Grey 3Hot House Marko Carbo and Colton Grey 4

Tattooed stud Colton Grey has gone down town in the dark alleys to cruise for ass, and he’s going down on the dark and handsome Marko Carbo. Sitting on a park bench, Marko’s enjoying Colton’s cock sucking skills while he peers at Colton’s exposed ass. Swallowing every inch of Marko’s curved cock, Colton gets Marko extra hard. It’s not long before they’re totally naked and Marko is servicing Colton’s prime butt that he presents straddling the bench to give Marko deep access. Loosening the willing hole with his tongue and fingers and lubing it with his spit, Marko probes deep. Colton’s hefty cock is hard and inviting and Marko gives Colton a blow job he’ll never forget as Colton lies back on the bench. Colton shoots a load up into Marko’s mouth and Marko sucks every last drop out before Colton leaves him with a final ‘fuck, that was hot’ kiss.

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