Juicy Falcon hunks Angel Rock and Adam Wirthmore

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A sparkling turquoise poolside to cool in on a warm summer day provides the ideal enticement for Adam Wirthmore and Angel Rock to hook up. They cruise each other hard, inspecting and drawing closer. Adam is slender with a worthy coat of dark body hair. Angel is more compact and muscular, with an hourglass of black hair on his torso. They connect with splashing and kissing. Adam jumps onto the edge of the pool and slips his trunks off, displaying pale, bulky buns covered in down. Angel swims over, grabs a cheek in every hand, widens them and savors the aroma previous to plunging his tongue in. Adam’s rough dick swings heavily betwixt his legs as Angel treats him to a lightning round of suck-kiss-rim-pinch his nipps. By now Angel’s uncut dick is bursting out of his yellow swimsuit and Adam’s swallow is there to catch it. They jump back in. Underwater Adam masterfully deepthroats Angel and Angel responding with more rimming, this time underwater. They sex beneath the surface of the water and we watch Angel cock side in and out of Adam hole with ease. They surface for the last pounding and Adam sprays an awesome volume of jizz all over his shaggy pecs, opening his swallow wide to capture Angel’s release.

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