Juicy Falcon men Liam Magnuson fucks Ray Han in pool

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Ray Han leans back in the sexy tub, enjoying the warm sun on his face. Liam Magnuson slips into the water across from him wearing an expectant grin. The water turns Liam’s white trunks transparent. Their feet look for out each other’s baskets under the water and Liam accelerates the momentum by exposing his boner for Ray to grab with his toes. Ducking underwater, Ray gives Liam a unfathomable blow job. Ray’s mouth feels so good, Liam doesn’t want it to stop, so this guy stands up so Ray can suck and breathe at the same time. Liam eat Ray’s ass, which quivers and vibrates until Ray’s entire body jiggles. Ray squats lower and Liam slips his cock inside. Light glints off the post in Liam’s teat and the sparse blond hairs on his trunk. Liam hops on top of Ray delivering his meat nuts. Ray bucks and groans. They separate briefly, Liam sucking Ray’s cock until Ray drops his gap on Liam’s dick and riding it. Crying out, that guy grabs his dick and sends cock juice in all directions. Then that guy kisses Liam and sucks his balls during the time that Liam jerks a load onto his rough abdominal muscles, leaving Ray to lap up the drips.

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