Juicy gays buddies Dante Martin and Addison Graham

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For buddies Addison Graham and Dante Martin, work is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, the boys like what they do, the environment, and the industry. On the other hand, their boss is kind of a sadistic dick. seems like this guy acquires his rocks off just inventing embarrassing things for them to do on camera, and today is no different from any other. Upon entering, the boys discover a set of instructions and a table full of weird objects laid out with no rhyme or reason. That is, until Dante reads the instructions and discloses the relation: the boss craves the boyz to have a deep swallow competition and film it for all the world to see. Reluctantly, the lads agree, copping a squat and trying their superlatively good to down the various objects in front of them. It’s nice-looking clear that Dante has some talent in this special arena, and Addison is feeling a bit inadequate as Dante ribs him a little. Addison counters that he’s just not motivated enough, and with that, he pulls Dante’s shorts down and just now gorges himself on Dante’s powerful dick. Showing much more acumen with the real thing, Addison gags and chokes on Dante’s rod until that guy has redeemed himself, and then the boyz switch and it is Dante’s turn. As Addison acquires harder and harder inside Dante’s mouth, the thought of fucking him pervades, so that guy flips Dante over and begins to moisten up his asshole with his finger, before slipping his rough cock inside of him as Dante bends over the sofa. Addison puts his hand on Dante’s shoulder and slams into him repeatedly, as Dante strokes his dick during the time that being pounded, previous to mounting Addison and riding him, letting his hawt batch fly whilst Addison thrusts and pumps away.

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