Juicy guys Connor Kline and Ray Diaz hot fuck

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Connor Kline has worked up a serious sweat, so he peels off his damp, skin-tight t-shirt to mop up perspiration from his athletic torso. Connor’s smooth trunk sets off washboard abs and a treasure trail u don’t need to be a hiker to chase. Ray Diaz is transfixed by the sight. Connor loves the attention and flashes his bush, then rubs his shirt in Ray’s face. you can almost hear Ray’s cock go ‘boing’ in his jeans. this guy sticks his tongue out, making contact with Connor’s juicy flesh, and laps his way to an armpit. Ray yanks Connor’s shorts off and engulfs his dick in a warm throat. Connor can’t live without getting sucked but that guy wants Ray naked, so this guy pulls him to his legs and helps him ditch the duds, allowing Ray’s slim, toned body to breathe. Ray targets the smokin’ sexy center of Connor’s 1st class booty. His throat works overtime: licking, sucking, probing. The air crackles with sexual electricity as Connor turns Ray around and spears his shaggy butt from behind. Ray ends up on the floor in a shoulder stand as Connor drills him from above. His nuts churning, Ray squirts streams of sex cream onto his bosom and beyond, during the time that getting his cock and nuts basted with Connor’s spooge.

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