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How can Boston Miles be serious about shooting a round of poolside when Chris Tyler is being a tease playing with a different set of sticks and balls? Fed up with his buddy’s horsing around, Boston challenges Chris to a greater quantity aggressive confrontation. both males are concerned to make raunchy contact and they circle each other like greedy panthers. Boston gobbles up Chris’s powerful uncut pole sliding it easily between his lips. Boston throats the enormous ball sack, and rims Chris’s unshaved asshole. Chris pants excitedly and then makes his move to nurse on Boston’s cock. It’s not long previous to Chris leans against the pool table and lifts one leg up to expose his anal opening. Chris’s cheekiness draws the attention of Boston’s huge bat and the sexy bruiser fucks his partner aggressively, ramming in and out at a red-line pace. They gyrate into different positions still fucking until they finish laying side-by-side jerking off until every bod produces a blast of soaked cum.

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