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Justin Filion is one more hot Montreal stripper who has decided to explore the world of homo porn with us. If things key going like this, we figure that within six months each male stripper in the city will have appeared on Men of Montreal. Just kidding! It have to be the exhibitionist streak running throughout their veins that brings ’em so eagerly knocking at our doorstep. Or, maybe it’s the need for cash. soever it is, we aren’t complaining. With a Frat guy look going on, this straight guy has beautiful piercing grey eyes, a sexy built physique and a seductive smile. Oh, did we forget to mention his delightsome personality! Justin isn’t the most endowed chap to grace our screens with 6 inches of uncut cock, but the rest of him definitely makes up for what would appear to some to be insufficient appendage. Please note, in this respect, the outstanding bubble arse and marvelous balls hanging between his legs! For this shoot, Marko Lebeau was working the camera. After the preliminaries, that guy asked Justin to give him a show, an idea that greater amount than pleased our newbie and allowed him to use some of his stripper’s know-how and skills. U can watch that he was mad to go. Several times during the interview, that guy was casually wanking his cock through his jeans, getting primed. This former construction worker started strutting his body for Marko, slowly massaging his trunk and arms, during the time that gradually peeling off his raiment. We don’t know if this is a trend seen anywhere else in North America, but many chaps in Montreal are now sporting a rosary as decorative neck jewellery. Kovi LaCroix was the 1st lad to appear on screen for us wearing one. Now Justin is another. It of course doesn’t imply any powerful religious beliefs, but it may be considered a rebellious Up Yours statement towards Quebec’s bygone Catholic heritage.Justin was enjoying having a big mirror as an accessory. We could see that he was checking his every move while that guy was stripping and striking poses for Marko’s camera and straddling the armchair this guy was using as a prop. Indeed, looking at his silhouette through the mirror we can see that it’s marvelous hot with these washboard abs showing off on that naturally silky smooth body of his.The man was marvelous comfortable throughout the shoot and he actually got into things when Marko threw him a dick massager. His breathing got much more vocal and his facial expressions intensified. But previous to playing with the massager, Justin got into a fair bit of butt play for the camera. This was a bit surprising to us, ‘cuz like majority str8 guys, this guy wasn’t also lascivious about the entire idea when we raised the issue in advance of the shoot. It need to have been the intensity of the pont of time that led him to throw caution to the wind and show off his pretty pink butt aperture for us. Our frat boy-looking stripper chucked the dick massager aside when that guy was getting close to cumming. What a gusher spewed out of his six incher! he played with his white baby batter one time his cock stopped oozing and spread it around his navel and abs. And, as the camera moved upwards a smile and look of contentment widen across his face, and he winked at us with those steely grey eyes of his. Justin was so enthused with his experience that he’s now convinced his most excellent buddy, another male performer, to chase in his footsteps. So, you’ll pretty soon be collision this guy!

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