MenOfMontreal newcomer Corry Filion first solo scene

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With Corry Filion, Men of Montreal is introducing u to the 1st real-life brothers performing for us. Corry is Justin Filion’s younger brother. he not long ago quit his construction job to join his mature brother working as a male performer in one of Montreal’s famed homosexual undress clubs. In fact, it was back in January when Justin performed for us in a solo and did a side-by-side j/o clip with his superlatively good bud Vince Carrera. Corry is 21 y.o., he’s 5’9′ and carries a 180 lbs. built frame. This fellow comes from Montreal’s North Shore and still lives at home. He’s got a worthwhile six-pack, a chiseled bosom and outstanding biceps, but you will just go eager when you see his giant thighs and admirable bubble arse. this guy has a worthy 7′ uncut boner on him, and some charming hefty nuts that hang below it. And, you just can’t miss his endearing smile. Corry wasn’t nervous at all, even though his caring older brother had warned us the night in advance of that that guy was shyer than himself, and asked us to go facile on the younger sibling. Like majority older brothers, Justin was probably being a bit protective. Indeed, Corry just casually eased into the photo shoot and was just as comfortable in the movie scene scene. We checked in on him several times and he was doing great, enjoying himself the whole time.In the opening interview, Marko Lebeau quizzed Corry, asking him if Justin and he had ever done everything nasty together. Despite Marko’s insistence, Corry replied not once, not twice, but three times that such was not the case. this guy was all smiles though, not at all repulsed by the idea or the questioning. Marko even asked him if that guy wasn’t weirded out by working at the same place and seeing his brother perform nude on stage with a boner. Corry takes it all in stride and doesn’t seem fazed one bit. Off camera, Marko asked him if that guy and his brother had ever seen each other naked or bone hard, or jacking off. Other than bumping into every other at home while nude or hard, no thing more. But Corry admitted to watching his brother perform on stage when that guy first started working at the club, even if only to acquire to know the ropes of his new job description.In his scene, this guy did a wonderful job of stripping for the camera all the while massaging his smooth muscular upper bod. We were surprised when Corry accepted to receive into booty play, but we were even more surprised at the amount of time this guy spent doing it while on his knees jacking off his stiff boner with one hand and rubbing his pink colored rosebud with the other. u could see that Corry was sexually excited as plenty of pre cum was dripping out of his dick. When it was time for him to spew his load, we then understood what those big balls were for. that guy dropped a sizable load in his hand and just spread it all over his chest.We definitely would like to have the brothers come in to jerk off together, and shove it as far as we legally can, so we’ll see if that comes to pass.

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