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Tattooed bodybuilder Slate Steele has got a bud chiseled out of granite, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s all brawn and no brain. When he’s not at the flexing his weight, this LA gym-rat pounds the books, beefing up on knowledge to complement his attractive physique. We catch up with Slate alone in the gym, putting in the necessary work it takes to maintain such a consummate body. After his workout, he resolves to let off some steam and show off a bit as well, stripping down to his sportsman and peeling that away as well, as this guy leans on the bench and runs his fingers over the veins of his cock, teasing the head and fondling his balls. poking his hardened cock down, he lets go and it snaps back against his stomach, in advance of this guy grabs it and reiterates the process. finally he’s done teasing and acquires to the business at hand, working his shaft up and down until he’s ready to unleash his load, which that guy explodes all over the gym floor in tiny white puddles of cock juice.

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