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Muscle gay Cody Cummings is pulling things back a little bit this time, tailoring this very special single for some newbies that have not long ago been interacting on his web camera shows. He’s explaining some very specific, very erogenous areas on his muscled body, and exactly how that guy can’t live without them touched. For those Cody fans that know his story and have witnessed his incredible evolution, this is an astonishing opportunity to enjoy your favorite things about the Next Door Stallion. From his notorious midsection rubbing, to his signature hand lick, it’s everything you know and love. For those who have greater quantity latterly cum to know the dynamic man, here’s a great scene to learn Cody’s hawt spots. Watch him lick and bite the inside of his big bicep, see him squeeze warm precum sluggishly out of his rock hard dick. And course you’ll witness a small in number signature hand licks as that guy jerks that handsome dick.

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