Muscle gays Drake Tyler and Cole Christiansen hard fuck

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Cole Christiansen is a little nervous. Slated to film his first scene with a guy, this guy sits at the discharge abode taking in the environment, and is getting type of freaked out. Worried that this guy might not be able to perform, Cole is cheerful to see Drake Tyler come through the door the day in advance of they’re scheduled to discharge. Drake’s been throughout this before, so his experience just now soothes Cole’s worries, and when Cole asks him for some pointers, Drake is more than willing. Retiring to a private room, Drake walks Cole throughout the process, sluggishly unzipping his panties and uncovering Cole’s nice dick. Falling to his knees, Drake immediately starts to work it up, and Cole responds, growing thicker and thicker with every jerk off. Cole realizes that this isn’t going to be as hard as he thought it would, and starts to even get turned on, so much so that he pushes Drake onto the couch and tears his clothes off, massaging his booty in advance of plunging his rough cock deep inside Drake. Drake screams a little upon insertion and then reaches back to grab his cheeks, widening them wide to accommodate Cole as he pumps and pounds away. Cole fucks Drake all over the room, from behind, beneath, then dive bombing from above, previous to wetting Drake with his milky load. Drake, sated and exhausted, remarks that if Cole performs like that in front of the camera, he’ll have no problems.

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