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Get acquainted with Jett Ryan. He’s a lean, pumped up guy from Ohio who’s here to show off his superlatively good features, and introduce himself. Among his many interests is mixed martial arts fighting. Jett spends hours on a regular basis conditioning his body to be in peak physical condition. He’s finely tuned himself to be a greatly efficient fighting machine. You’ll chase him into the gym to see him pump some steel and acquire a nice swell going. Then it’s back into the house for a sexy bathroom and some intense relaxation. The best cool-down activity, which many MMA fighters employ, is a bathtub jerk session. Jett is drawing water for a soothing jack off , where you’ll get to watch his fat, tough cock emerge from the bubble washroom just before Jett gives it a wonderful tugging. Join him as the water helps rehabilitate his entire body and the view out the window of rolling hills rejuvenates his senses.

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