Muscular juicy men Donnie Dean and Liam Magnuson

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Liam Magnuson basks in the sun, his thin golden-haired bosom hair and teat man glinting in the light. The bulge in his sky-blue Speedo grabs the attention of Donnie Dean, just stepping out of the poolside. Donnie ambles over, bending to take up with the tongue Liam’s lips and slip his tongue between ’em. that guy squeezes one of Liam’s firm pecs and runs his hand across the pliant flesh, to grasp Liam’s prominent basket. Donnie squeezes and beats Liam’s cock then he pops it out of the confines of the blue trunks and into his mouth. A vein throbs at Donnie’s temple as that guy struggles to gulp Liam’s meat right down to the nut sac. whilst Donnie hums, Liam groans, reaching for Donnie’s glutes and sliding a finger in his hole. legs scissor and torsos flip. Now Liam has Donnie in his swallow. Donnie’s knees buckle and his furry pecs heave. he kneels and bows over, and Liam’s tongue snakes into his hole. Then his dick. They fuck like they mean it, their skin slick with sweat and tanning lotion. Donnie’s dick spurts a str8 line of jizz along his treasure trail; Liam flips onto his back and bastes his own pubes in pearls of cum.

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