Muscular wrestler Markie More solo masturbate

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Markie More amount is a former wrestler turned gym class rat, a blonde haired, blue-eyed lad with an air of serious contemplation about his every move. Originally from Colorado, we catch up with him just as that guy begins his day, stretching and rising from slumber and enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch as the morning sun starts its ascent. Sun kissed and warmed up, Markie moves back inside to begin his day, stripping out of his sofa garments and reclining on the couch to take care of one of his morning rituals. lazily unzipping his pants, he slips his hand below his jeans, playing with his morning wood through the underwear, before popping his rigid cock out and standing it str8 up, wagging it around a bit, then slapping it against his abdomen as it swells with blood and becomes hard as a rock. Markie grabs it, not fast wanking up and down as the sunlight creeps throughout the blinds. he sits up to his knees and goes at it greater amount earnestly, sensing that this guy is about to explode. that guy closes his eyes, reaching back around and clutching his ass, giving it a squeeze as this guy launches his load all over himself. Just another day in the life for Markie.

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