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Bravo Delta plays a prank on his asshole boss, Brian Bonds, by sprinkling the seat of the office toilet with apple juice. Thinking he sat in piss, Brian is irate with Bravo and demands he be licked clean. Bravo is quick to obey, and his beard provides an extra tickle when his tongue probes the deep center of Brian’s hole. Once Brian’s ass is loosened, he offers Bravo his cock, getting a slurping blow job. Bravo sends Brian into vocal overdrive by running his tongue in long sweeps from the tip of Brian’s cock to his crack. Bravo gets sucked in return, leaving his dick ready to fuck. He grabs Brian’s shoulders and positions his cock. Entry is slow, to give Brian the maximum effect of being plowed by Bravo’s fat dickhead. Then all the way out and back in, repeatedly, making Brian’s eyes roll in ecstasy. A position change leaves Brian sitting on Bravo’s cock, reverse cowboy. He pulls Bravo’s cock out of him, cums all over it, then stuffs it back in and rides until Bravo slaps his big round ass as a signal he’s about to cum – right in Brian’s open mouth.

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