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Brendan Patrick is alone in his hotel room and starts perusing the websites for some “fun”. He decides that he wants to get a lap dance. Just him and a dancer. He orders Josh and soon Mr. Conners is knocking on his door. Josh enters expecting to see a party, and is surprised to see just Brendan there. Josh tells him that he is not a hooker. Brendan tells him hat he only wants a dance. The music turns on and the seduction begins. But who is seducing who? As Josh gets naked, he starts to get aroused by Patrick and his hot scruffy muscles. He gets hard and soon Brendan is licking his cock through his underwear. Josh breaks his rules, and starts taking the clothes off of Brendan too. The next thing he knows, Brendan is sucking his cock. This is no longer a dance, but a fuck. And after rimming that bubble butt of Josh, Brendan asks to fuck him. Josh just sits on him. And they have some hot bareback fucking. Going from bed to bed and position to position until finally Brendan breeds him full of his cum.

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