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Bearded Chuck is a midwestern lad who loves all things outdoors. Not also huge on words, this guy prefers to let his actions do the talking for him, whether he’s out on the water, in the woods, on the playing field- whichever. A man’s dude who would do everything for his boys, here, we discover Chuck flying solo, but he’s got sufficiently to satisfy and greater amount than a mouthful. he leans back on the bed, eyes closed, head thrown back, hands in his pants. Feeling around this guy massages his cock, teasing it underneath his shorts and then popping it out and stripping out of his underclothes. Sliding his hands up and down his chest, this guy lastly clutches his shaft and starts to stroke, feverishly at first, then alternating and slowing down to indeed prolong the whole affair. Moving up onto his knees, this guy smacks his booty as that guy pushes his dick through his legs, pushing it up against the side of his haunch as it emits a miniature bead of pre-cum, in advance of rotating back over onto his back and getting down to serious business, widening his feet wide and thrusting up into his hand as this guy discharges his load like a geyser.

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