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Beefy and muscled hunk Adam Landry solo

bodybuilder solo

At 29, Adam Landry is a more mature hunk who works as a personal trainer on Montreal’s South Shore and who too does competitive bodybuilding. From the get go, it is obvious that this shy and reserved str8 chap was nervous about jerking off on video. he definitely is the most concerned chap we’ve had on set in the past year. that guy admitted to his nervousness during his initial conversation with Marko Lebeau. His body language was also quite revealing of his angst. On and off camera, Marko did his most good to reassure our newcomer and make him comfortable, but it definitely took him a during the time that to loosen up. This 5’7′ straight Aries is a powerful guy weighing in at 195 lbs. This is too the weight that guy works with when he’s training for his bodybuilding competitions, focusing more on his lean body mass. he carries a valuable 7 inch uncut and hefty cock. To aid him on his way, we offered him the chance to take a shower, an idea that definitely seemed to appeal to him. With the water splashing all over his body, Adam was able to acquire into his bubble which allowed him to forget, every so often, about the presence of the cameras and crew. once his comfort level improved, he was willing to take it to the bedroom, where this guy decided to give us a full view of his booty previous to settling into the arm chair to jerk his beefy cock off. We asked him if he was willing to play with his anus a bit, but that definitely was too much of a challenge for this str8 chap; at least this time around. Curiously, during the photo shoot that preceded prior the movie scene scene, Adam got truly into his j/o session, to the point that he delivered some good precum that the camera was able to capture. For his cum shot, Adam surprised us with an initial unannounced tiny spurt of semen. We were wondering if that was going to be it, but he just kept on jerking his dick. Several seconds later, a hefty load came gushing out and once more this guy kept jerking, merely to deliver, several seconds later, one more sizable spurt of cum. So, in waves, Adam delivered one big load of cum that this guy gladly played with whilst also playing with his cock.We’re not sure if Adam will be coming back for more. he admitted that cumming in front of a camera was much greater amount challenging that that guy had initially expected.

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