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Teens gays Dillon Anderson and Nicholas Reed fuck

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On cold, winter afternoons, Nicholas Reed’s want for fiery passion burns hawt. He’s invited over an old friend named Dillon Anderson. that guy and Dillon one time shared an ongoing romance, but it fizzled when the two became jealous of other lovers. Now Dillon’s assented to come by for some tea and check out Nicholas’ fresh place. It’s a luxurious suite on the top of a hill in the outskirts of town. His parents pay the rent. When Dillon arrives, Nicholas has wine poured and soft, adult-contemporary playing lightly through surround sound speakers. They merely swap a few words and have a sip or 2 of wine before their lips lock. Old feelings spill from their memories and they kiss deeply. Nicholas wastes little time previous to taking Dillon’s dick in his mouth and sucking it, just the way he used to. Then Dillon goes in for Nicholas’ pulsating strapon. Nicholas has been salivating for a lengthy time to lick Dillon’s pleasing hole once more. He’s getting a smack that he imagines will have to hold him over for another lengthy time apart from Dillon. Then he’s letting Dillon slip that astounding cock into his lovely butt. watch Nicholas acquire pounded by his old flame. And Nicholas is having a turn banging Dillon’s delicate pocket as well. acquire lost in this tale of rekindled passion as those boys feel the heat of still glowing embers, buried deeply down inside.

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