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Men of Montreal tattooed Mam Steele fucks hairy Alec Leduc

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Men of Montreal Alec Leduc sucks into glory hole and fucked by Kyle Champagne

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Men of Montreal Alec Leduc and Mario Torrez juicy gays fuck

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Hairy men of Montreal Pascal Aubry and Alec Leduc fuck

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Marko Lebeau was supposed to welcome both Alec Leduc and Pascal Aubry to the hotel room that guy booked, but instead decided to receive these two dudes to meet up by themselves with our crew.In this scene, Pascal has continued on his fast-paced progression from a bi-curious silly man-to-man fuck fellow to a bi chap ready to explore all aspects of his sexuality. So in this shoot our virgin sportsman gets his cherry popped by versatile Alec Leduc. It wasn’t so long ago that Alec has his arse cracked for the 1st time too, so he could relate. As much as Pascal is adventurous, that guy definitely was nervous at getting his hole drilled for the first time. After his scene, this guy admitted that the actual fucking was way less of a challenge than that guy had imagined. So, I guess we can count on this chap playing on one as well as the other the offensive and defensive lines in the future. Alec and Pascal had never met in advance of this shoot, so the one and the other were in the black as to what they could await. But, Alec was insane to get going and was looking forward to playing with this fellow. he was in the shower when Pascal arrived. Already jerking off his cock, this guy was merely also happy to acquire Pascal on his knees so this guy could drink his tool. From there, Alec took Pascal to the bedroom so this guy could reciprocate with his own masterful cock-sucking talents. Judging by his bone-hard erection, Pascal’s boner seemed rather content to welcome those talented and carnal lips of Alec’s.Things kept getting hotter as Alec instructed Pascal to acquire on his knees so he could eat out his ass aperture. Alec spread those booty cheeks wide and tongued Pascal’s unshaved aperture like there was no tomorrow! With this, this guy was definitely prepping Pascal for a nice fucking. Our veteran actor made himself reassuring when Pascal appeared hesitant to getting his hole pushed. Appeased, Pascal then consented. Alec positioned his stiff cock at Pascal’s back door and although this guy started slowly, it wasn’t lengthy previous to he intensified his rhythm. On all fours, Pascal was groaning and looked like his hole was cheerful to submit to its first ever cock. The chaps then went into a spooning position. during the time that we could watch Alec’s dick banging in and out of our novice’s hole, the 2 dudes kissed and moaned, and played with Pascal’s tool. Finally, Pascal got into position for the deepest sex this guy could receive by riding Alec’s cock rodeo style. We could see that this position was having its effect. Our bottom chap unloaded one hefty charge of cream all over Alec’s abdominal muscles and chest. Then, as Alec was gearing up for his cum shot, Pascal surprised us by poking his face in Alec’s missile range and took a huge load of sperm in his face. this guy then moved up and kissed Alec. We weren’t waiting this move on his part. But, we were glad. The weekend we discharged this scene, Pascal was the first of 2 Men of Montreal to get his cherry popped.

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Men of Montreal Marko Lebeau, Ivan Lenko and Alec Leduc gang bang Felix Brazeau

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Hot men Marko Lebeau, Felix Brazeau, Ivan Lenko and Alec Leduc headed off for an overnight stay in a rented cottage 90 minutes east of the town for fellows of Montreal’s 1st gang group sex discharge. these four boyz are friends outdoors of filming, so it wasn’t surprising that they would have a blast together and they would deliver a hot scene! One thing we knew heading out of Montreal was that one guy would be the pleased bottom for the 3 others. We just didn’t know at that point who would be the victim. Even Ivan Lenko was willing to give up his cherry if he was to lose the card game that would decide the bottom. Ivan doesn’t know much about poker, so it wouldn’t have surprised anybody if he had lost In fact, several of us were hoping he would lose. Alas, it was the almost any experienced poker player of the bunch that indeed lost the hand. That was Felix Brazeau! We all know how much Felix loves to bottom so this wasn’t such a bad thing. But little did we know just how far Felix was ready to go. Felix was really willing to get double-dicked. When we asked him if that guy was down for it, this guy acquiesced. Always count on Felix to take things one step further! As awkward as it was at times, this guy did it and enjoyed it! The scene started in the hot tub the morning after the guys’ evening of crazy antics, card games and table football! Things got going with the four relaxing in the outdoor hawt tub with the sun beaming down. while the skies were blue and the surroundings beautiful, it was a bone chilling -25. So, things moved inside quickly, as one chap after the other made his way back in the cottage with a boner in hand. 1st Marko and Felix got going, then Ivan joined in. Filing in last was Alec. this guy eventually got fucked by Marko as this guy was inside Felix in a little gravy train action. Then the long-awaited moment arrived. After Alec lay on his back and Felix sat on his cock, Marko came in from underneath to poke his cock in Felix’s already cock-filled aperture. For a first double penetration, Felix look like he was doing beautiful wonderful. At times he had a look of bliss on his face, but at other times he would wince in pang. In any event, this guy was a real trooper and the boyz had a great time. Marko and Ivan were the first to shoot on Felix’s face and chest, doing so in sync. Then Alec pulled out of Felix’s aperture and shot a huge wad over Ivan’s load on our bottom’s bosom and some mixed with Marko’s on Felix’s face. Felix even took a few dribbles in his mouth. After the three were done, Felix dropped his own load.

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Men of Montreal Alec Leduc fucks Benjamin D’Amour

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Men Of Montreal presents new scene Raw Meat with Felix Brazeau and Alec Leduc.

Felix and Alec are buddies. They hang out together, sometimes work out jointly and this time they even fuck jointly. They know each other well and their mutual trust runs deeply. So, for this scene they wanted to perform a condom free clip. At Men of Montreal, we always test all our performers for HIV and other STIs on a regular basis, so no actor ever performs without having been fully screened. For this occasion, we rented out a hotel room and the chaps were so horny that they started making out in the red lit hallway before entering the suite. once inside, they went guns a blazing, kissing and striping every other right behind the entrance door. Alec is usually a marvelous quiet and relaxed guy, but we’ve rarely seen him this energized; that guy was going full tilt, begging to receive fucked. Fe’lix was solely likewise pleased to accede. So after giving Felix a priceless blow job, Alec turned around and delivered his hole hole to Felix’s expecting cock. Alec was constricted and Felix was initially struggling to acquire in, but after a couple of tries that guy hit the target well, bent his bottom lad forward and started pumping like insane. We could hear his nuts slap against Alec’s hole it was so intensive. And Alec was moaning like crazy, begging for greater amount and harder. that guy of course has come a long way since his first bottom scene a couple of months back.The boyz wanted to receive greater amount comfortable and Felix wanted to eat and finger Alec’s ass out too. So they moved into the bedroom. Alec got on all fours and Felix plunged in and started ass fucking and spitting in Alec’s now dilated dick trap. Then came his thumb, followed by some two digit finger fucking. Felix’s dick wanted some more attention, so this guy laid down on his back and got Alec to engulf him some greater amount. After licking away for a bit and getting face fucked, Alec started spitting on his partner’s cock, then spitting on his nipples, licking it off, then kissing Felix and drooling all his saliva back into his partner’s swallow and spitting some more on Felix’s face and then rubbing it all over a lot of saliva was going around and Felix was all smiles. Alec was having enjoyment also and u could tell. Alec then moved on top of Felix in a 69 position, sucked his partner’s dick some greater quantity and shoved his own tool down his friend’s throat. Felix started gaging as Alec was going in deep and hard. Not one to miss a beat, Felix started engulfing back and forth in quick and deep bursts.It was at this point that Alec expressed his need to acquire his naked dick into Felix’s arse gap. So his amigo turned around on the couch and offered up his anus. Alec moved him into position on the edge of the mattress and just plunged in with his bone tough dick. that guy started to smash vigorously, then slowed down his tempo, merely to pick it up his afresh. Felix was in bottom lad heaven. With Alec’s nuts slapping loudly against his aperture you could hear him moan and moan with pleasure. Alec slowed his pace down and slowly pulled out his rock tough dick which bounced against Felix’s nuts one time it was freed from the warm place it was lodged in. That was hot! Alec then moved Felix off the bed and into position on his knees so this guy could get better access to his buddy’s booty. Felix felt the change in position and pointed out that Alec’s dick was feeling bigger. As things were getting intense, Alec got a little bit corporalist and called Felix his bitch. We were a bit surprised but Felix didn’t appear to be to mind this term of endearment. Alec was getting close and pulled out to shoot, as this guy moved into position near his partner’s expanded aperture. Not much made it onto Felix’s hole, so Alec compensated by plugging his dick briefly back into his friend’s chute. The lads switched positions as Alec sat on the chair and Felix ramped up to discharge his load on his buddy’s face. Alec looked a bit apprehensive during the time that Felix was shooting. this guy mentioned afterward that this guy was fearful of getting it in the eyes as it burns as hell. You’ve learnt this from experience, we asked? Yeah, he answered matter of factly, pointing out proudly that he’s discharged in his eyes in advance of. once Felix unloaded his white sperm on his partner’s face, that guy fell back on the daybed where he was joined by Alec for a smile and kiss. This is what friendship is all about.

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