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Cody Cummings fucks gay twink Anderson Lovell

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Cody Cummings presents new gay porn clip with Anderson Lovell

His mind was like an empty swimming poolside that afternoon. This guy knew if this guy could find a source from which to fill it, a fresh world of good sensations would open up. But until that guy did, Anderson Lovell would lay in bed, filling the emptiness with raunchy fantasies about the one for whom he’d lusted for so long: Cody Cummings. Although it felt worthwhile to rub his tough cock and imagine, Anderson wanted to go much deeper. this guy had heard stories where Zen masters had learned to trick their own brains into believing dream bad become reality. Anderson knew if this guy could harness soever ancient technique these old sages used, this guy could manifest Cody to appear right there with him, seeming as real as the pillows upon which he rested his delicate head, covered in tousled, auburn hair. he felt like getting up for moment to see if the overcast sky had allowed any light to peek through. When that guy looked out toward the garden, plain as day, he saw a dude standing nude, apart from his white sneakers, with his back to Anderson. Of course the sight was unexpected, but Anderson was not alarmed at all. As this guy looked, the fellow not fast turned. It was him. It was Cody Cummings, nude in Anderson’s garden. Was this guy dreaming? How could it be? Anderson opened the door and walked outside to where this guy had seen what he thought must be a living fantasy. this guy lost sight of the image for a moment, then saw him again, standing a bit further up the hill. As that guy headed toward Cody this time, Anderson felt suddenly tired and slightly dizzy. this guy stopped to gain his composure but as that guy did, he felt rock hard hands touch his back and warm breath on his neck. he knew it get to be real, it get to indeed be Cody, here in the garden with him. Anderson realized his eyes were shut. The moment that guy opened them, it was if this guy had roused from a dream. this guy was alone another time. embarrassed and a bit disoriented, he walked with racing thoughts back to his room and laid on the couch. Moments later the image of Cody appeared again, this time walking into Anderson’s room, toward him on the bed. Anderson didn’t move. he let this Cody come to him and touch him. This still undressed Cody bent down and sensuously kissed Anderson’s neck. The next half hour or so appeared to be to float by in merely a matter of brief moments, but Anderson remembered everything. that guy remembered the way Cody’s tough dick felt sliding between his lips, going deep, all the way to the back of his mouth. this guy remembered the way Cody’s warm hand felt as it tucked it’s way underneath the elastic of Anderson’s underclothes and clutched his palpitating hardon. he still knew the melting-sensation he had as Cody jerked his boner. this guy could still taste the pleasant flavor of Cody’s inviting lips. But had it actually happened? Or had Anderson found a way to erase the very line betwixt fantasy and reality?

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