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Andrew Fitch and Ryan Rose juicy guys fuck

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The full moon brings out the hot beast in juicy guys Ryan Rose and Andrew Fitch. before hitting the sack, they curl up on the sheets for some sizzling 69 gay porn action. Ryan’s smooth skin is tanned to mahogany, making a stark contrast with his pale buns. Andrew’s olive complexion is set off by teats that beg to be tweaked. Ryan literally screws Andrew’s arse using the fingers of one as well as the other hands like a corkscrew, causing Andrew to squirm with ecstasy. He is so high on endorphins that he can barely speak. All that guy can say is ‘yes’ as Ryan rolls him over and slides his dick into his booty. Ryan’s muscles ripple and Andrew’s nuts sway as flesh contacts flesh in distinct slaps. Andrew’s spine arches to absorb the shock as Ryan slams him harder, faster and deeper. In a switcheroo, Ryan lies on his back and hooks his arm behind a thigh to widen his cheeks inviting Andrew’s tongue to his mad hole. Ryan grabs Andrew’s head and rubs Andrew’s face against his aperture. Now it’s Andrew’s turn to sink his shaft deep into Ryan. As Andrew plows away, that guy rubs the sweat into Ryan’s damp torso like massage oil. The hot, constricted clutch of Ryan’s hole on Andrew’s rough on soon has their nuts churning up twin loads of creamy white cock juice.

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