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Hairy Josh Long gets Alex Christian on massage table

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When sexy stud Alex Christian enters, he greets Josh, but gets no salutation in return. Wearing nothing but a blue couple of tightly fitting underwear, hairy man Josh Long simply motions for Alex to remove his garments and lay down on the massage table. Alex does and the rubbing begins. Josh kneads and manipulates sluggishly and carefully. Alex melts beneath his touch. Then Josh moves the focus of the rubbing a bit further south, squeezing Alex’s arse cheeks. Alex is slightly alarmed at first, but cant believe how priceless it feels. Josh pulls Alex’s shoulder back, suggesting this guy flip over. Alex does and Josh pulls down Alex’s underpants. Alex cant make no doubt of what’s happening. Josh takes Alex’s penis in his hand first, then in his warm, salivating swallow. This guy sucks with tenderness and excitement while Alex enjoys. Then Alex accepts Josh’s hard cock in his own mouth. It is quite large, but fits perfectly between his lips. They move to a ottoman with recent linens and Alex has a smack of Josh’s sweet anus. Then comes time for what makes this massage clinic famous: Deep Therapy. Watch Josh slip his pulsating cock into Alex’s taut gap and smash it firmly.

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