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Juicy latino gays Ray Diaz and Lance Luciano

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Lance Luciano asleep on the lawn is a bronze Apollo, his smooth skin burnished, the hint of a hardon below his scarlet swim trunks. Ray Diaz widens a towel inches away, eying Lance’s pumped up body, reaching out to brush his hand across Lance’s dick. Lance’s eyes open and this guy pulls down his costume. Ray kisses Lance’s armpit and works his way down to his nipple, his abdomen lastly landing on his fat hard-on with his tongue. this guy hunkers down on that palatable cock, using his mouth to slide the foreskin back and forth. Lance groans and tosses his head. Sweat oozes down his flanks. Ray smiles. Lance captures a strand of precum and feeds it to him. Ray straddles Lance, positioning his shaggy crack over Lance’s face while continuing to suck. Sweat courses down Ray’s back into his crack as Lance drills his gap with his thumb and tongue. Their bodies radiate pure, sublime horniness in the California sun. They abandon themselves to a primitive, throbbing 69. Ray slides his well-lubricated gap onto Lance’s ready cock. They roll. Lance pounds. They roll anew. Lance is an unstoppable lust machine, and Ray is greater quantity than pleased to be his subject. The intensity grows and builds until Ray’s swollen nuts scatter his seed across his smooth torso and Lance matches it for volume and velocity, in a well-deserved release.

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