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Hot gay buddies Ryan Knightly and Austin Storm

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Here’s a sneak peek into the world of gay for Pay, as Ryan Knightly and Austin Storm one as well as the other outline their raunchy proclivities as well as their reservations about the adult industry. For Austin, this is nothing new, as this guy has made adjustments in his personal life to accommodate his onscreen double-life. But for fresh lad Ryan, a surprise is in store. Thinking this guy is merely here to jerkoff, he finds out during his interview he’ll truly be fucking Austin, and the screws tighten from there. Initially worried, that guy is eased somewhat when he meets Austin, as their vibe seems to mesh. But it’s not until Austin lays Ryan back and begins to engulf him off that Ryan realizes his preconceptions are way off. Growing rigid in Austin’s mouth, Ryan pushes Austin’s head down harder, ramming his cock into the back of Austin’s throat, in advance of moving to the sofa where Austin runs his hands up and down Ryan’s body. Ryan is visibly turned on and Austin is ready and able, so Ryan bows Austin over the side of the sofa and begins to pump him from behind. Austin reaches back and pulls Ryan in closer, as Ryan proceeds to thrust, turning Austin and continuing as Austin jerks his cock in motion. Ryan fills Austin up with high hard meat and it is also much for Austin to bare, and he loses his load all over his stomach and Ryan just keeps plowing. Fucking Austin’s hole with reckless abandon, Ryan is willing to spew his load as well, so that guy pulls out and drenches Austin. No longer a newbie, Ryan realizes there might be something to this after all.

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