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Twinks gay studio NextDoorTwink presents Detention Suxx! with Tyler Morgan and Alex Love.

It’s another day in after school detention for Tyler. But for goodie two-shoes, Alex, it’s a shameful, traumatic experience. Alex’s mama already said him that if he doesn’t use the time in detention to finish his math homework, he’s in large trouble. Tyler knows Alex has at no time been punished at school before. In fact, Alex has a reputation for being the teacher’s pet. Tyler’s decided to make worthwhile use of his time this day too, by trying to hook up with Alex! Tyler’s the sort of boy that at no time gives up after an initial rejection. Even though Alex fends off his 1st advances with scowling messy looks, Tyler doesn’t let up. this guy knows the key here will be making Alex laugh. Sure enough, when he goes to the front of the room and tries on the teacher’s glasses, Alex chuckles. Tyler turns up the sexiness by lifting his shirt up and showing his midriff. Alex can’t aid but pop a minor chubby. Tyler removes his shirt absolutely and invites Alex to join him at the front of the classroom for some sensual joy. Alex does and Tyler can’t receive Alex’s enchanting cock in his throat fast sufficiently. Alex can’t make no doubt of this is happening! The hottest chap in school, sucking his dick in detention! Is that guy dreaming? Then smth so epic and crazy happens, you won’t believe your eyes. Right there, on the teacher’s desk, Tyler lets Alex fuck him! Alex is blown away by how wonderful Tyler’s tight hole feels on his inflated dick. pounding that tender, class clown booty definitely makes getting in trouble worth it!

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