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Muscled gay Angel Rock with big cock and young stud Jackson Taylor are out enjoying the wintry views of Tahoe when a snowstorm sends them scurrying to the lodge. What more excellent way to warm up than to share body heat? Angel’s curly muscled pecs practically burst out of his shirt when Jackson unbuttons it. Jackson is all contrasts: darker, skinny and smooth. His slender body moves rhythmically as this guy and Angel smooch. Angel’s big dick is poised for action, defying gravity as it rises and bobs in response to Jackson’s lip, teeth and tongue at his teats. Angel’s dick is a work of art long, curved and uncut. As fat as Jackson’s wrist. you wonder how Jackson makes it vanish down his throat. When Angel leans back on the sofa, Jackson straddles his face like a saddle, widening his tight, smooth hole. Angel’s tongue quickly finds the soft, tender aperture. he makes Jackson’s two taut handfuls of arse quiver and tremble. Grasping Jackson’s diminutive waist in two hands, Angel guides him to his awaiting cock. Penetration is instant. Jackson takes charge, swiveling and gyrating his hips to stimulate each square inch of his hungry fuck chute. In a breathless climax, Jackson sprays cum wildly across his thighs and torso, triggering a thick ball-basting from Angel.

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