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The broad, nude back belongs to Alexander Garrett. His face is hidden, his throat latched onto one of Dale Cooper’s nipps. that guy works Dale’s shirt off, then grabs him by the neck. They joust with their tongues. Dale’s hard-on needs no help to bust out of the waistband of his briefs, where it finds Alexander’s mouth awaiting. Alexander’s giant cock makes a long, slow, downward curve the kind that slips handily down a guy’s swallow. Dale adds some spit and flourishes, playing with Alexander’s foreskin. Then this guy tickles Alexander’s hole with his mustache before giving it a thorough tongue-lashing. Alexander encourages the butt play by driving a finger in alongside Dale’s tongue. Dale takes his enormous cock and takes control, topping Alexander. That’s just wonderful with Alexander, who spreads the unshaved halves of his ass cheeks and thrusts in counterpoint to Dale’s smashing. They separate, and now Alexander sinks his curved dick into Dale, grabbing Dale’s rod like the pommel on a saddle. Drilling deeply and fast, Alexander triggers a huge gush of cock juice from Dale in a solo mighty burst then presses his perspired flanks to Dale’s face and bastes it with goo.

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