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Muscle jocks Bobby Clark and Connor Maguire fuck

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When you hire a coach like Connor Maguire you don’t just wish to acquire in shape, u desire to acquire fucked. Just ask Bobby Clark. During their workout Bobby complains of lower back pang until Connor suggests to give him an exam. during the time that he’s massaging Bobby’s glutes a buttplug falls out of his big bubble-butt. Taking the hint, the muscular trainer probes his client’s booty with his tongue then turns him around to suck his cock. When Connor stands up it’s Bobby’s turn to choke on Connor’s large man-meat. The juvenile jock does his most good to take it all but it’s also big for his throat. There’s solely one place to put a dick that size: up Bobby’s arse. Connor rolls Bobby over on his shoulders and mounts him so he can fuck him deep until that guy blows. Bobby runs one out and tells Connor that his back feels much better!

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