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Huge cock Tommy Defendi fucks tight ass Bobby Hart

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Bobby Hart is slutty yet that guy is very intimidated by that fat huge cock Tommy Defendi has stuffed in his panties. During our interview this guy was worried that beautiful boner wasn’t going to fit in his constricted petite hole but Tommy reassured him anything would go very smoothly. Once we let ’em loose and these cocks came flying out it was time for some large dick engulfing and fucking to commence. Tommy is a gentle huge and knows just how to use that thick tool of his just right. Bobby rides that thick dick like a pro, enjoying and sliding up that lengthy shaft utilizing each inch Tommy has to offer. If you love seeing 2 large dicks and a great round butt being screwed than sit back and jerk off with us.

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Hot jocks James Ryder and Bobby Hart fuck with big cocks

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Young jocks Bobby Hart and James Ryder have a big cocks, take the arena for a heated suck-n-fuck showdown. The youthful teammates get things started with a make-out session but Bobby makes the 1st move when he kisses James’ chest, abdominal muscles and eventually the tip of James’ huge dick which has popped out of his jockstrap. Bobby reveals James’ furious erection and takes the cock in his swallow. His dripping-wet blow job brings James to the brink but that guy stops and goes in to receive his turn sucking Bobby’s fat cock. James attacks the massive meat like a pro and obediently opens his mouth so Bobby can sex his face. Don’t let James’ prone position fool you; he’s not going to stay on the receiving end for long. he steps behind Bobby and shoves his ideal 8-inch prick directly into his constricted booty. James pounds his buddy’s aperture then pulls out and shoots his load on Bobby’s taut belly. Bobby’s load cums next, leaving both athletes sweaty and sticky. Time to hit the showers!

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Falcon studs Bobby Hart and Ashton Weber

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Bobby Hart studies with his dick sticking out of his boxers. His nut-brown chest is smooth and muscled. A vein throbs prominently over his bicep. Ashton Weber crawls playfully towards him, exposed with that look in his eye. They wrestle and tickle each other, each growing hard in the process. Bobby uses his full, luscious lips to give Ashton a tongue bath, working from his lips to the hollow of his throat, nipples, down the center of his trunk to his navel and, ultimately, to his cock. Ashton cranes his neck to watch Bobby alternately engulfing his dick and his big balls hanging low in their not quite translucent sack. Bobby uses a finger on each hand to stretch Ashton’s aperture. The atmosphere is sensual; passion is mixed with joy and no one’s in a hurry. Ashton is on his back when Bobby slides his hefty meat into Ashton’s aperture. The fun leads to swapping roles and poses with Ashton now drilling Bobby doggy style. They separate and Ashton stuffs one as well as the other his nuts into Bobby’s mouth, which can barely accommodate them. That triggers 2 orgasms, with Bobby’s cock pumping out waves of jism that cascade down his hand and cock, and Ashton squirting for distance across Bobby’s abdomen but saving the final hardly any charming drops for Bobby’s swallow.

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Sean Christian and Bobby Hart hot gays fuck

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Bobby Hart is back for greater quantity and we decided to let him loose on Sean Christian who is a rookie in this industry. Bobby treats his virgins with ultimate care in the beginning but once they bottom out on that dick Bobby knows it’s time to pick up the pace and go unfathomable and hard. The newbie couldn’t receive enough of that huge cock so he rode it, bent over for it and sucked the cum out of that sexy dick. This scene has its intensive moments as well, plus some slow moving passionate hotness that will make u fantasy of Bobby’s arms wrapped tightly around you.

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Gay jocks Johnny Torque and Bobby Hart fuck in locker room

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Bobby Hart spills the contents of his gym class bag all over the locker room floor and receives down on his knees to clean up the mess. It looks like Johnny Torque may lend him a hand but he’s got other ideas. The cocky sportsman pulls out his lengthy rough dick and shoves it down Bobby’s mouth. Bobby swallows it whole then kicks back on the bench so Johnny can worship his thick Latin dick. Johnny opens wide so Bobby can fuck his face then stands up to fuck Bobby’s booty. Bobby throws his feet over his head and opens his taut aperture so Johnny can smash him rigid. the one and the other fellows are ready to blow so they stand up and jack their loads all over their jockstraps.

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Guys Like Us: Bobby Hart and Ryan Rose porn

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If you’re tall, sexy like neverseen Ryan Rose, you can sport a hard on and the males come flocking. Hot guy Bobby Hart sees Ryan, and he is on it. His massive bulge is present in his tighty whities even previous to all of his taut flesh, darksome skin and a smile of anticipation are visible. Ryan welcomes Bobby with a kiss and when Bobby straddles Ryan’s waist and sits, Ryan’s erection presses against these stretched cotton briefs, nestling into the crevice that awaits his dick. Ryan slips the briefs down to expose the hole that’s the intended prize, whilst this guy pulls Bobby forward, absolutely swallowing Bobby’s big uncut dick. The skin on one as well as the other of them is smooth and rippling with muscular. Bobby blows Ryan, wrapping his tongue and lips around the penis that beckoned him, then he straddles Ryan’s lap anew this time out of the briefs. Ryan’s dick slides in like a key to a lock and Bobby gives him a gyrating lap dance previous to Ryan takes the lead, dropping Bobby into a shoulder stand and pummeling him from above until Bobby discharges all over his own face. Ryan carefully squirts his load into the saucer of Bobby’s ass, lapping up his cum.

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Muscled gay jocks Luke Milan fucks Bobby Hart

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An impromptu scrimmage match turns into a heated x-rated exhibition game when muscled gay jocks Bobby Hart and Luke hit the court. Luke asserts his two-point lead by forcing Bobby in jock strap up to his knees and poking his huge cock down the athlete’s throat. Bobby gives his teammate one hell of a juicy blow job then offers up his taut aperture to be fucked. Luke Milan pounds Bobby tough then pushes him down on his back so Bobby’s monster cock stands str8 up in the air. Luke hops on and takes a ride like a champ until they the one and the other blow winning sperms!

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