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Next Door Buddies Brandon Bronco fucks Anthony Verruso

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Muscular dudes Conner Hastings and Brandon Bronco fucks Addison Graham

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2 muscled dudes Brandon Bronco and Conner Hastings have had the tables turned on them. Expecting in the hawt tub waiting a woman to arrive, the chaps have prepared a little game of Truth or Dare and await hornily for her arrival. But it seems this lass has pulled a fast one on the guys, sending instead her brother Addison Graham, who arrives willing to play and eager to please. Brandon and Conner are surprised, but their craving is apparent and their temperament tells ’em to make the superlatively good of the situation, so they begin playing in any case. Midway through, it occurs to Brandon what a nice arse Addison has, and the game has revealed that Conner gives totally no copulates where he puts his dick, so the boys move from the tub to the bedroom where Brandon and Conner take turns using Addison like a sex slave. Addison is willing and able to accommodate, taking Brandon’s huge dick all the way down his throat as Conner plays with his ass, tonguing at Addison’s hole as Brandon’s cock swells full and thick. Turning Addison around, Brandon inches his dick deep into Addison, during the time that Conner bows over and lets Addison smack his sweet, freshly cleaned ass. Brandon pumps away as Addison beats himself off, losing his load as Brandon thrusts with reckless abandon. Conner, who has never had a dick inside him, becomes envious at the sight and allows his amigo to try it just this once as Addison looks on, very pleased at the situation he has created.

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Tattooed gays Jaxon Colt, Cole Christensen and Brandon Bronco homo threeway sex

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Next Door Buddies presents new gay porn clip “Perfect Birthday” with Brandon Bronco, Jaxon Colt and Cole Christensen.

For Jaxon Colt, the ideal birthday is about to begin. As he lazily sleeps in, his best boyfriend, Brandon Bronco, makes preparations for a day full of surprises. Waking Jaxon up, that guy leads him out to a overspread picnic beneath a trellised veranda, where a champagne brunch awaits our birthday chap. After snacking on ravishing fruits and cakes, the chaps take the champagne to the hottub for a little mid-morning dip. After toweling off, Brandon rubs Jaxon’s back thoroughly, and the content look on Jaxon’s face says it all. But Brandon has one greater amount trick up his sleeve. As Jaxon lays face down whilst Brandon rubs him down, the doorbell rings, and when Jaxon answers it, lo and behold, awaiting for him is his gift Cole Christensen, already unwrapped, wearing no thing but a bend. Tossing the bow aside, this guy lets Jaxon take a good lengthy look at his offering, and Jaxon is greater quantity than ready to play with his new sex toy.

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Gay buddies Johnny Torque, Brandon Bronco and Ricky Thicke threeway sex

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Tattooed hunk Johnny Torque sees you over his shoulder, watching him as he looks in the mirror. That guy doesn’t mind the additional company, provided that you don’t mind if some of his buddies join in. Ricky Thicke is the 1st to arrive, Johnny scopes him as he takes off his shirt and makes his way over to Johnny. Next on scene is Brandon Bronco with is fresh new cock. rock hard and undiscovered, the boyz look on as Brandon slowly undresses down to his underwear in advance of joining them as well. Now all reduced to skivvies, they paw and grope at every other as Ricky falls to his knees and takes Johnny’s rough cock into his mouth, slurping and gagging on it as Brandon watches. Ricky shifts over to Brandon and tongues his shaft up and down, as it grows larger literally right in front of his eyes. With the one and the other boys tough as Chinese arithmetic, Ricky has his pick of the dicks, and so this guy bows over and lets Johnny have his way with him as he proceeds to suck on Brandon’s palpitating member. Johnny flips Ricky over and continues to fuck him hard, and whilst Ricky tongues at Brandon’s balls and beats his own dick. Ricky cums all over himself as Johnny keeps pounding, and the sight of it sends a rush of blood to Brandon’s cock, swells him with longing and explodes all over Ricky’s face in a huge bawdy load, previous to Johnny pulls out and discharges a spunk flow so far it goes over Brandon’s shoulder and hits the wall behind him.

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Muscle hunk Brandon Bronco large cock masturbation

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Brandon Bronco is a sexy boy with a great smile and with large cock. That, along with an unusually big cock will acquire him charming far in this biz, which is just precious for this former soldier looking for a less adventurous daily grind. And speaking of grind, Brandon acquires it on solo style here. After taking a dip in the poolside to cool off, that guy saunters over to the overspread cabana and leans back on a bench, spreading his feet and unleashing his monstrous cock, flicking it against his stomach previous to getting a firm grip on the situation and taking matters into his own hands. jerking off in the sunlit afternoon, Brandon tries to hold out, the sensation in his pulsating dick about to shove him over the edge, until finally, this guy can hold it in no longer, and so this guy erupts with an explosion and thoroughly messes up the cabana floor, before heading back to the poolside to phat off and clean up.

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