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Muscular dudes Conner Hastings and Brandon Bronco fucks Addison Graham

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2 muscled dudes Brandon Bronco and Conner Hastings have had the tables turned on them. Expecting in the hawt tub waiting a woman to arrive, the chaps have prepared a little game of Truth or Dare and await hornily for her arrival. But it seems this lass has pulled a fast one on the guys, sending instead her brother Addison Graham, who arrives willing to play and eager to please. Brandon and Conner are surprised, but their craving is apparent and their temperament tells ’em to make the superlatively good of the situation, so they begin playing in any case. Midway through, it occurs to Brandon what a nice arse Addison has, and the game has revealed that Conner gives totally no copulates where he puts his dick, so the boys move from the tub to the bedroom where Brandon and Conner take turns using Addison like a sex slave. Addison is willing and able to accommodate, taking Brandon’s huge dick all the way down his throat as Conner plays with his ass, tonguing at Addison’s hole as Brandon’s cock swells full and thick. Turning Addison around, Brandon inches his dick deep into Addison, during the time that Conner bows over and lets Addison smack his sweet, freshly cleaned ass. Brandon pumps away as Addison beats himself off, losing his load as Brandon thrusts with reckless abandon. Conner, who has never had a dick inside him, becomes envious at the sight and allows his amigo to try it just this once as Addison looks on, very pleased at the situation he has created.

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