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Muscle buddies Conner Hastings and Derrick Dime fuck

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When Conner Hastings assented to assist a mate out with some work, this guy had no idea he’d be working with a city slicker like Derrick Dime. Derrick isn’t really cut out for country life or manual labor. When it comes to his hands, he’s got other skills though. Conner quickly realizes very little outdoors work is going to acquire done with Derrick around, but Derrick offers a little bit of inside work, and Conner is intrigued. Stealing away inside the storage shed, the guys strip out of their raiment as Conner falls to his knees, taking Derrick’s rod into his throat and swallowing it down his hatch. Derrick closes his eyes as Conner gags on his cock, not quite willing to bust, in advance of they switch, and it’s Derrick’s turn to taste a little country sausage. Conner bonks Derrick’s mouth until he’s so excited that guy can’t control himself, and then he entreats Derrick to show off some that large town technique as Conner hugs up against a ladder and spreads his cheeks. Derrick pounds away as the eyes roll back into Conner’s head, then the boyz move to the floor where Conner grinds and rides Derrick’s thick shaft, previous to Derrick flips him over and literally bonks the cum out of Conner as this guy lay on his back, dousing him with his own city hose just as Conner finishes. Now about that work that was supposed to get done.

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Muscular dudes Conner Hastings and Brandon Bronco fucks Addison Graham

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2 muscled dudes Brandon Bronco and Conner Hastings have had the tables turned on them. Expecting in the hawt tub waiting a woman to arrive, the chaps have prepared a little game of Truth or Dare and await hornily for her arrival. But it seems this lass has pulled a fast one on the guys, sending instead her brother Addison Graham, who arrives willing to play and eager to please. Brandon and Conner are surprised, but their craving is apparent and their temperament tells ’em to make the superlatively good of the situation, so they begin playing in any case. Midway through, it occurs to Brandon what a nice arse Addison has, and the game has revealed that Conner gives totally no copulates where he puts his dick, so the boys move from the tub to the bedroom where Brandon and Conner take turns using Addison like a sex slave. Addison is willing and able to accommodate, taking Brandon’s huge dick all the way down his throat as Conner plays with his ass, tonguing at Addison’s hole as Brandon’s cock swells full and thick. Turning Addison around, Brandon inches his dick deep into Addison, during the time that Conner bows over and lets Addison smack his sweet, freshly cleaned ass. Brandon pumps away as Addison beats himself off, losing his load as Brandon thrusts with reckless abandon. Conner, who has never had a dick inside him, becomes envious at the sight and allows his amigo to try it just this once as Addison looks on, very pleased at the situation he has created.

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Drake Tyler, Cole Christiansen and Conner Hastings bareback threeway fuck

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Drake Tyler isn’t new to pulling a fast one in order to acquire what that guy wants, and what this guy wants right now is a meaty set of hands and a nice, raw dick or two. Feigning injury, this guy calls for a doctor, and when Cole Christiansen shows up, this guy knows he’s in nice hands. Cole tends to Drake’s visible needs, sponging him down and helping him up to the restroom, but Cole has one more patient to check on and so that guy has to leave previous to giving Drake a full scrutiny. Undeterred, Drake calls for a second doctor, and when Conner Hastings shows up, Drake makes no doubt of he’s hit paydirt for real. Conner is willing and willing to administer a full range of services to Drake’s body, but just as that guy starts his treatment, Dr. Cole happens by the window, on his way back to check on Drake. Well, as you can imagine, pure madness ensues. Doctors don’t actually like other doctors infringing on their territory, and Dr. Conner and Dr. Cole are no different, as they begin to tear away at every other to Drake’s horror. Drake, caught in a pickle of his own creation, get to fess up to the ruse, and before he knows it, he’s the one on the receiving end of the doctors’ raw aggression. Luckily for him, that’s just what that guy intended in the first place.

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Connor Maguire and Alexander Gustavo gay jocks fuck

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Alexander Gustavo slurps and gags his way to the win for ‘Wettest deep mouth Blow Job’ on Connor Maguire’s hard dick. The young athlete has obviously been training for quite some time and his rigid work has paid off; this is the most excellent blow job we’ve seen all season! Connor shows his appreciation by getting Alexander on all fours and burying his sexy tongue in his buddy’s ass. The moist rim job is all just foreplay for the main event: Connor mounts Alexander and copulates him hard! The towering ginger hunk pounds Alexander’s aperture while the tanned trim bottom boy implores his teammate to ‘Stretch that ass out.’ Connor switches it up and kicks back with his giant tool in the air, inviting Alexander to hop on for a wild ride. Alexander bounces up and down on Connor’s cock and jacks off until that guy blows a sexy load. Connor pulls out and pulls a wad out of his own thick dick, leaving both athletes sweaty, spent and ready to hit the showers.

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Five muscled guys orgy

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Next Door Buddies presents muscled guys orgy Christian Cayden, Conner Hastings, Hugh Jazz, Taylor Wolf and Tyler Torro in Muscle Maid Services.

During the time that Josh and his little friend, Dakota, take a break from their video game to smooch, someone stands outside, waiting for the right pont of time to join them. U see, Zeus is in a hurry to receive to the mall in advance of the Orange Julian stand closes. He knows that if this guy can precisely go into at the right moment, this guy can have his cock sucked by those sexy boys, skip all the foreplay and after play, and still acquire to the mall on time. As in a short time as he sees his opening, that guy enters and pulls out his already hardening cock after some brief pleasantries. Josh and Dakota know Zeus from hanging around the skatepark after school. Zeus used to go there and cruise for cock-hungry boyz. When this guy discovered those two, that guy knew he had found a sure thing for a lengthy time to come. After Zeus has his fun, this guy breezes off and leaves Josh and Dakota to continue. It’s a wild ride for Dakota as Josh slides his nice, unbending boner into Josh’s ass and pounds his aperture rigid. Catch the action, catch the heat as these, sexy, sexy, and a one more sexy gay twinks let their passions erupt.

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