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The air crackles and the snow is knee-deep, but Jack King is intent on a blow job and JD Phoenix is there to oblige. JD’s throat is the warmest thing for miles, but an alfresco bj in the snow has restrictions. A transition to their cozy room overlooking Lake Tahoe and rugged snow-covered mountains lets JD receive on with swallowing during the time that Jack ditches the heavy raiment. His sculpted torso is tan, and this guy has a flat belly with cum gutters tracing a ‘V’ to his pubes. Jack locks his fingers behind his neck and arches his back, during the time that JD has Jack’s dick buried to the balls in his throat. JD takes a pont of time to strip so we can watch his smooth, toned and slender build. Jack pulls him up for a brief tongue kiss then splays JD onto the daybed. Grabbing JD by the ankles, Jack pins him down via a cock up his tight butt. JD chews the pillow and slaps the sheets as Jack pile-drives into him, every thrust deeper than the one previous to. The coupling ends with JD on his back and two dicks spraying high, white arcs of ball cream across the hard, flat landscape of his torso, leaving sweat and cock juice leaking down JD’s face and bud.

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