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Hairy guy Jayson Stark fucks Jackson Taylor in Jeep

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Gay stud Jackson Taylor is the cute guy and hairy Jason Stark does the fucking. As the shirts come off and Jason stoops to lower Jackson’s shorts, Jackson hangs from the roll bar, showing very hawt pits, Jason shows plumber’s crack. Every syllable of Jackson’s body language says “do me”, from the way he arches his torso to the way that guy runs one hand across his neck. This guy smashes his face into Jason’s groin, groping for duck and balls with his hands and mouth, guiding rough tool into the hollows of his cheeks and the recesses of his mouth. And then there’s the pont of time they climb into the Jeep, their feet on the seat, their bodies emerging throughout the open top, Jackson bent over with his hips lifted to meet Jason’s thrusts. Jason slams Jackson against the frame until there’s nowhere left for him to go, then they move to the ground and the smashing resumes, with Jackson riding Jason’s dick in the crab position, shaking his tight, tan-lined hole until they one as well as the other erupt.

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