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Markie More, Drake Tyler, David Stone and Damien West in raw foursome porn

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Markie More is caught between a rock and his rigid on. In his bed, Drake Tyler’s naked arse lays exposed, begging for the high rigid one, but at the door, his knuckle-head mates are here to see the huge game. Markie has to save face, but would much rather lose his nut. It’s true, Damien West and David Stone came over to watch the game, but now that they have arrived, they can sense that some kind of game is already at hand, judging by the guilty looks on Markie and Drake’s faces. After some light ribbing and investigation, Markie and Drake’s secret is exposed, but rather than persecute the 2 for it, Damien and David make a decision to exploit the situation, and milk it for everything it’s worth. And speaking of milking: Markie and Drake immediately begin sucking off the two hockey fans, Drake unfathomable throating Damien and Markie going down on David. Moving to the bed, Drake becomes the centerpiece as the other three boyz take turns face fucking him, smacking his flexible ass, and generally having their way with him, until Markie moves around back and enters Drake from behind, slipping his palpitating head into Drake’s hole as Drake proceeds to service the other 2 lads. Rotating positions, the boyz run a train on Drake with no regard, raw-dogging Drake’s gap until they are all satisfied, then busting their nuts all over his sweaty chest, as this guy lay under ’em like the cum dumpster that this guy is.

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