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Juicy Falcon men Liam Magnuson fucks Ray Han in pool

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Ray Han leans back in the sexy tub, enjoying the warm sun on his face. Liam Magnuson slips into the water across from him wearing an expectant grin. The water turns Liam’s white trunks transparent. Their feet look for out each other’s baskets under the water and Liam accelerates the momentum by exposing his boner for Ray to grab with his toes. Ducking underwater, Ray gives Liam a unfathomable blow job. Ray’s mouth feels so good, Liam doesn’t want it to stop, so this guy stands up so Ray can suck and breathe at the same time. Liam eat Ray’s ass, which quivers and vibrates until Ray’s entire body jiggles. Ray squats lower and Liam slips his cock inside. Light glints off the post in Liam’s teat and the sparse blond hairs on his trunk. Liam hops on top of Ray delivering his meat nuts. Ray bucks and groans. They separate briefly, Liam sucking Ray’s cock until Ray drops his gap on Liam’s dick and riding it. Crying out, that guy grabs his dick and sends cock juice in all directions. Then that guy kisses Liam and sucks his balls during the time that Liam jerks a load onto his rough abdominal muscles, leaving Ray to lap up the drips.

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Hot latinos Lance Luciano and Ray Han suck cocks in pool

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Ray Han is playing around in the swimming poolside. The nifty water might take the edge off the warm California sunshine, but not for lengthy. Lance Luciano is sunning himself nearby, outfitted in a red swimsuit that may as well be a red flag to a bull. As Lance peers at Ray from behind his Ray Bans, his boner starts to twitch. When Lance releases it from its pouch, Ray pounces. Lance is a long, lean summer fantasy. He’s smooth and tan, and his fat uncut boner is a flawless fit in Ray’s hand and throat. Ray’s bobbing head is reflected in Lance’s sunglasses, his lips stretched to accommodate Lance’s thickness. Ray stretches Lance’s foreskin and runs his tongue around it, causing Lance’s haunches to buck and thrust reflexively. Lance pulls Ray in for a kiss, then returns the blow job. Ray cock-whips Lance’s face, rotating his smooth torso and making his nuts shake. They get in the pool and proceed the blow jobs underwater. When their breath gives out, they stand and kiss, rubbing their dicks together. Lance climbs the pool steps, face-fucks Ray with several rapid, short thrusts, and cums in his swallow and face. Ray jacks his boner under the water line, cumming in clouds of goo.

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Muscular gays Ryan Rose and Ray Han hot fuck in a poolside

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Poolside Ryan Rose is soaking in the sun working on his tan. Sweat pools in the contours of his hard, rippled physique. impressive Ray Han sets aside his shades, peels off his swimsuit and immerses himself into the inviting pool. The sight of Ray’s buns disappearing into the water stirs Ryan’s cock to attention. Ryan receives up and walks himself into the poolside. Descending the steps, his skimpy orange trunks give a provocative view of the crack of his tight arse. Ryan’s growing erection meets Ray’s swallow underwater, and Ray sucks on Ryan’s shaft. Ray comes up for air, and Ryan grabs hold of Ray’s butt and spreads ’em feeling for an entry point. Seeking more secure footing on land, Ryan face-fucks Ray, who gives Ryan’s nuts a thorough tongue-laundering in advance of surrendering the arse that lured Ryan’s attention in the first place. After an intense erotic sex Ray ends up on his back. Just in advance of that guy cums, this guy curls his abdomen into a semicircle so that that guy dick is aimed inches from his mouth. Ryan pulls out a shower Ray’s torso and face with cum.

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Ray Han posing and showing big size uncut cock

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The hot Cuban man Ray Han is back and his huge thick uncut dick is looking more excellent than ever, tasty yum. Ray shows off his outstanding physique for all to see, rubbing and caressing his constricted smooth body. This Cuban knows how to move and he shakes that round firm hole like a pro. Ray can’t live without to bow over wanking his big size dick and showing his hot bubble booty off to his viewers. Cum see Ray play with his veiny uncut cock in a multiformity of poses until this guy blows his creamy sexy load all up his bosom.

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Colt muscular jocks Luke Adams and Ray Han fuck in woods

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Deeply in the California Redwoods Forest, handsome jock Luke Adams begins his day with morning stretches in the back yard. Making a scene wearing no thing but his all new COLT Collection Jock Brief, Luke exposes his exposed booty as that guy bends and stretches, drawing the attention of hunky Ray Han who can’t live without what that guy sees. Luke gives all the right signals as Ray approaches eagerly. Ray’s big uncut cock bulges from his COLT Collection Briefs as Luke reaches in and takes a palatable mouthful. A suck and slurp fest ensues as one as well as the other chaps are insane to hit their knees and swallow some dick. Once their thick cocks are all juiced up and ready for fucking, Ray bows Luke over a stool and plows that firm round butt, taking full advantage of the elementary access jock Brief. After Luke shows how well this guy can take a large cock, Ray gets his turn as this guy takes a seat and goes for a ride on Luke’s palpitating rod. Flipping, flopping and fucking the daylights out of every other, Ray drills Luke rough on his back as Luke spills his steamy cock juice. covered in his own cum, Luke gets on his knees in advance of Ray and takes the full-force brunt of Ray’s gushing load.

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